Welcome to Russ Anderson Ceramics.  Please take a moment to read about my experience in the field of Ceramics and the philosophy behind my artistic creations

Born and raised in Western New York State between Buffalo and Rochester New York, I joined the Navy as a raw recruit and eventually rose to the rank of Captain when I retired after thirty years.  Most of my career was spent at sea on Navy ships.  I served as Captain of three including a proud stint as CO of a destroyer.

After retirement I had my own business until I sold that and retired for good.  My first foray into art came via woodcarving which I did for several years.  I came to clay quite by accident, filling in for my wife who was ill and could not attend a one week clay class with Andrew Stephenson at John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC.  Well, in a word, I was hooked for good. 

As soon as my hands hit that soft clay I knew I had found the medium which would allow me to best express my inner creative feelings.  Needless to say I suddenly found the left half of my brain which had played second fiddle to the right half for so many years.  Please go to the PHILOSOPHY page to read more about what my art means to me.